Advanced iOS Development

Build advanced applications with multiple views using Apple's Swift programming language.


This course introduces advanced iOS programming methodologies for managing applications with multiple views. The course focuses on the Model-View-Controller software architecture, where a model controls the underlying data and application logic, the view code displays information produced by the model, and the controller mediates the flow of information between components of the application. Students will learn to program in Swift through the XCode development environment. The course will focus on designing iPhone applications. The goal is for students to understand the entire process of creating an app and deploying it to the Apple app store. We will be joined by guest speakers from Apple (down the road from techlab), who will share their insights into user experience and interface design.

  • advanced programming in Swift
  • Advanced Model-View-Controller concepts
  • XCode and iOS interface and UX concepts
  • lifecycle of creating and deploying advanced iOS app

We strongly recommend that students enter this course after taking our [iOS Development Introduction](/course/apps-ios-introduction] class.