Create your own video and Youtube Channel

Direct, create, enhance your own video and create your own Youtube Channel


This course is designed to inspire, challenge, and build your skills as a creator. Our instructors will work with you to create your own video about a topic you are passionate about. We will tackle and overcome some technical questions that can hold up your creativity. We will next jumpstart your Youtube channel and teach you skills to excel on Youtube, including

  • guide you through the essentials you need to know when starting a channel
  • how to cultivate loyal subscribers...and keep them
  • Why branding matters -- give it the right look to show off your style, and brand it like a pro.
  • Create a captivating channel trailer and win the hearts of unsubscribed viewers
  • Copyright and other need-to-knows to keep your videos legit!
  • creative skills for video projects
  • developing a favorite video project
  • creating a Youtube channel and promoting it