Inspire Speaker Series

Techlab Inspire Series features industry leaders, researchers, technologists and students, and showcases the ways in which technology & education along with strong leadership and dedication, are changing the world.

Topics will serve as inspiration for kids to make them think, challenge them, and motivate them. Some topics we are planning include,

  • AI: Hype or Reality?
  • What Facebook looks for in young budding innovators
  • Learning to love computers, my journey from Techlab to Google
  • How to reach and impact millions of kids globally through software
  • Google VP reveals Top Search Trends for Kids
  • Is Privacy even possible in today‚Äôs world?
  • Why Women leaders may perform better in Technology Leadership?
  • Can the sun provide 50% of our energy by 2050?
  • How AI changes our lives in 10 years
  • Safe gaming, surfing, chatting in the digital world
Speakers & Dates

Shashi Thakur, Google VP Engineering, "AI: Hype or Reality?" Fri, Dec 7, 5-6 pm.

Pandu Nayak, Google Fellow & VP Search, "How Search Works" Fri, Jul 13, 4-5 pm.

Anika Ayyar, Google APM, "Learning to love computers: My journey from Techlab to Google" Sat, Jun 9, 5-6 pm.

Santosh Janardhan, Facebook VP, "What Facebook looks for in young budding innovators" Sat, Jun 16, 5-6 pm.

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*We have limited space & preference will be given to currently registered techlab students and parents attending with students.