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From self-driving cars to COVID-19 diagnoses, data science and AI/ML applications have grown from hot startup topics to essentials in our society. This introductory data science course aims to expose and prepare students for this new normal with hands-on learnings.


  • Students develop strong intuitions for working with data and how to solve problems using data science
  • Students can independently develop a machine learning project with our supervision

This bootcamp has 2 modules, each one focusing on the essential building blocks of Data Science Learning.

Module 1

  • Learn the fundamentals of data and statistics
  • Coding in python to animate an abstract subject like statistics
  • Activate data science intuitions for problem solving

Module 2

  • Learn machine learning algorithms including regression/classification
  • Core concepts like supervised/unsupervised learning, train/test/validate
  • Build and develop end-to-end machine learning models using Python ML packages

After the bootcamp, interested students will be encouraged to create their final projects where they take an real-life data sets (e.g. Covid data) and build a machine learning project on their own with our supervision.


Eric Hsieh is a practicing Data Scientist at a leading Silicon Valley company. His passion is in using the power of data and AI/ML algorithms to solve complex IoT and energy problems. Eric received his formal education from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and he actively participates in Data Science research and development in the industry.

Raj Pai has decades of experience in Silicon Valley, working on big data/AI/ML applications with industry leaders including Intel, Teradata, Google and NASA. He is passionate about working with student innovators who will shape our future.

Bootcamp Duration: 10 weeks, meets Saturdays 2-5 pm

Tuition: $1000

First bootcamp session starts on June 13, we fill in spots on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more drop us a note at or come talk to us at our Open House

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