Updates for Online Camps

Last updated: Apr 16, 2021

What is Techlab's Teaching Philosophy?

Our core teaching philosophy focuses on nurturing learning in kids through self motivation and hands-on project work in small-size online experiences. We apply decades of real world professional experience in Silicon Valley and combine it with research in the science of learning. We have a well defined and rigorously developed curriculum to achieve outcomes working with students. Learn more about our curriculum.

Will online camps follow the same curriculum as previous summer camps?

Yes, techlab online camps leverage the same content, tutor instructions, and best practices for student learning we have used for the last 7+ years.

What is your student to instructor ratio for online camps?

Typically we have 6-8 students per instructor. In some sessions the instructor may include a teaching assistant to help with coding or engineering projects.

Who are your instructors and teaching assistants?

Our instructors are working professionals at high-tech companies(incl. Google, Intel, NASA, Oracle) and college students with Computer and engineering majors. Our staff is trained and we emphasize paying attention to each student's individualized learning needs. We also include teaching assistants in a few classes to assist instructors.

What is Techlab's cancellation and refund policy?

All Programs:

You have upto 2 weeks prior to the start of class sessions to cancel and receive a full refund. The refund will be issued through the same method used to pay for the class.

We have a minimum of 5 students needed to coordinate and conduct any class. Your fees will be fully refunded if techlab cancels or reschedules a class.

We invest significant resources to hire & train qualified instructors and tutors. Our cancellation and refund policy allows us to ensure your students get the best training.

What are best practices for students to attend online camps from home?

Our team has done extensive research to find out what works best for your student. Here are our recommendations:

  • Make sure your student is in a quiet environment, preferably his/her own space or room with minimal distractions from TV, parents, siblings, pets.
  • Make sure the student has a comfortable desk/chair setup
  • Make sure the student’s computer (desktop/laptop) is easily accessible and ready to go
  • When instructors ask them to share their work they should be prepared to share their screen and collaborate
  • Plan ahead, students may have to download software (one-time only) depending on the class they are enrolled in
  • We recommend the student does not eat/drink at the table (if possible). This can lead to spillage and/or unneeded distractions for the student.
  • Ensure the lighting and temperature in the room is comfortable for the student to create a relaxed, engaging and fun environment
  • Have more tips from your own experiences? Drop us a note

    How will the kids be engaged for half day and full day online camp sessions?

    To keep the kids engaged we will be planning various activities, including brain teasers, puzzles, card IQ games, online pictionary, other, during frequent breaks. The students will have the option to participate w/ their fellow campers during these breaks. Our trained instructors will also participate, and moderate as needed.

    How about lunch break or snack breaks during online camps?

    We will have a planned lunch session from 12-1pm, and students will be given snack breaks during morning and afternoon sessions.

    Do you provide year around programs?

    We have summer camps with morning/afternoon sessions, and year long after-school classes for grades 6 through high school.

    Can we continue with sessions after summer camps?

    Our focus is to ensure continued learning through practice to grasp the fundamentals and build on skills. Our Fall and Spring sessions focus on school year learning. For our students, we offer a complementary evaluation session, to match learning tracks with student's knowledge and needs. Please email us at

    What is your full year schedule?

    Typically our summer programs run from June through August, Fall sessions start after labor day weekend in September and run through December. Spring sessions are from January through April. For current year schedule, click here.

    Do you offer any group discounts?

    We believe kids learn best when they are in a group environment with motivated peers. Please inquire for group discounts for 5 or more student enrolling together.

    Need to customize learning for my student or group of students?

    We believe in providing flexible learning paths for each student.


    What is your policy for missed classes?

    For summer camps, please inquire with your instructor for missed classes. Our summer camps are fast paced and we will try our best to work with your student to make up for missed day/s.

    For Fall/spring classes held once a week, if a student is going to miss her scheduled time, she can attend another class date offered during the same week, e.g. if Intro to Java student misses regular Tuesday (5-6.30p) class, she can attend the Sat (10.30-noon) class, by informing her instructor. For classes held twice a week, for missed class/es, the instructor will work with you to makeup and stay in sync with the class here.

    Have More Questions?

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