Intro to 3D & Physics

Summer Camps

Physics | Pre AP Physics

Prepare for AP with Physics fundamentals


Students grades 8-11, interest in learning Physics for engineering and STEM

No prior experience needed


Kinematics, Dynamics, Gravity, Energy, Momentum (week1)

Simple Harmonic Motion, Electric Charge, DC Circuits, Mechanical Waves. Sound, Computational Physics (week 2)

Outcome: Students get prepared for AP Physics and learn concepts using experimentation and computational techniques

Duration: 1 week

Special summer session taught by MIT PhD student.

Physics is critical for STEM. Read a blog by instructor Rahul Jayaraman.

Read details of Physics Curriculum

Intro to 3D Modeling & Printing

Learn 3D fundamentals and concepts


Students grades 6-8, interested in 3D for engineering, gaming, robotics, design

No prior experience needed


Basics of CAD(Computer Aided Design), Design, Print material, 3D model creation

Outcome: Students get introduced to modeling, designing, and printing in 3D

Duration: 1 week

Special summer session

3D Modeling and Design is the Future.

Read details of 3D Curriculum

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