Programming Challenge

Develop "muscle memory" coding fun projects

Java Challenge

For techlab Java program students at any level

Students from other Java programs welcome

Problem Sets & Projects

Core concepts reinforced through fun and challenging practice projects

Outcome: Sharpen your Java skills through hands-on practice and discussions

Python Challenge

For techlab Python program students

Students with prior Python experience welcome


Core concepts review & fun practice projects.

Outcome: Sharpen your Python and data skills through hands-on practice and discussions

Sample Projects (Java & Python)

Image Gallery

Airline/Hotel Reservation system

Pascal's Triangle

Flower Shop Ordering To Go

Basic encryption program (cybersecurity)

Sierpinski triangle/carpet

Text-based adventure game

Why muscle memory coding projects?

Students learn & practice through projects by coding/debugging

Be curious and ask questions about what you have learned

Work with instructors/mentors/peers in a classroom setting

Participate in hackathon-style challenges & competitions

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