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Goal-oriented Learning Tracks

All classes are offered as year-long programs. Register for Spring 2019.

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Track Goal Grades* Outcome
Tynkerer Develop life long learning for technology 5th, 6th, 7th Basics of Computers and Programming: Block-based, Python & Arduino
Intermediate Develop proficiency in key aspects of technology 6th, 7th, 8th Deeper knowlegde of Computers, Internet, Algorithms and Programming: HTML, Python, Java
Advanced Build towards APCS & Hackathons 8th, High school Independent mindset around Algorithms & Programming: Java
APCS Prep for AP Test Enrolled in APCS Ace the Advanced Placement Program: Computer Science A

* Typical grade level of students enrolled in this track

APCS: Advanced Placement Program for Computer Science in College



Techlab Curriculum Details: Tynkerer, Intermediate, Advanced

Class Schedule & Fees

All classes are offered as year-long programs. New sessions begin in Fall (Sep 3) and Spring (Jan 7).

Pay monthly or 10% off for full session payment.

Track Schedule Sessions Fees
Tynkerer Once a week Wed: 5-6.30p OR Sat: 10.30-noon $200/mo
Intermediate Once a week Tue: 5-6.30p OR Sat: 10.30-noon $200/mo
Advanced Twice a week Sat: 12.30-2pm & Sun: 12.30-2pm $300/mo
Private Tutoring Evenings or Weekends Email to schedule $50-$90/hr


Monthly payments for Sep, Oct, Nov in Fall sessions. Monthly payments for Jan, Feb, Mar in Spring sessions.


Fall & Spring Sessions

  • Fall: Sep 3 thru Dec 9 | 13 weeks | Details
  • Spring: Jan 7 thru Apr 21 | 13 weeks | Details
  • APCS prep classes: Apr 15 thru May 5 | Additional sessions will be added in end of Fall.

Techlab is bringing on board industry veterans, Shalini and Raj Pai. And expanding to full year after school programs.